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Flamethrower - Sweet and Spicy

Flamethrower - Sweet and Spicy

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Embark on a flavor-filled journey with "Flamethrower" Sweet and Spicy Flavor, the spicy addition to our lineup. Crafted with the flavors of honey, brown sugar, and red pepper, this jerky delivers the perfect blend of sweetness and heat that will leave you craving for more.

Inspired by the adrenaline rush of a tuned car shooting flames, "Flamethrower" is the perfect example of what Sweet and Spicy beef jerky should be. Each tender strip is marinated with the perfect balance of honey, brown sugar, and red pepper, complementing our premium beef to make your exhaust pipes shoot flames as well.

Whether you're hitting the highway, or tinkering in the garage, "Flamethrower" is the ultimate snack companion for any occasion. Packed with protein and bursting with bold flavor, it's the perfect fuel to keep you energized and ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

Open Road Jerky - Accelerate Your Tastebuds.

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